Hempies™ Paper Eco-Alliance Presents: “Our Life Aquatic” A World Tour Solar Yacht Travel Event Promoting SRC™ - Socially Responsible Consumption. Sponsors are happening. Tour lasts 3-6 months and will be live via satellite. “A” sponsor keeps the boat.

What is an Eco-Alliance? Common ground creates synergies and harmonies that suggest alliances. “Where two or more are gathered there am I”. In the Battle to save Middle Earth “The Fellowships of the ring” become the hero organizations that can lead society to a better future.

Hempies™ is creating an Eco-Alliance to promote SRC™ and the inclusion of Industrial Hemp fibers into the Bio-economy transition. A more symbiotic relationship between corporations and their customers is at hand. It’s a closed loop now that includes a recipe of People, Planet, Profit. Win Win for all three.

What is SRC™? SRC™ means Socially Responsible Consumption and brings to light the concepts of sustainability, closed loop eco-systems and products, bio-economies, bio-regionality, alternative energy, tree-free paper, petroleum free plastic like products, alternative packaging, alternative shipping, ocean health, global warming, and seed to store to compost mandates.

Why “A Life Aquatic”? Why Not… Water is life. The Moral of the story is, it takes an alliance to truly live. We are all in the same boat… The Bellafonte.